Specializing in Natural Stone & Quartz Countertops


10% discount on material and labour.

we can supply sinks at our landed cost, hundreds of dollars less than similar sinks at retail outlets and big box stores. 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel.

We can help save you money, just talk to us on ways to save.

If you have a small project like vanities look at our out cut section for great savings.



In an effort to please most peoples taste we have built up our inventory and have the largest selection of Natural Stone on Vancouver Island, We can still order in material we do not stock as there are just to many colours for us to store at our facility. If our suppliers have it we can usually have it in within a week.

Our slab yard is full of new and beautiful slabs from every corner of the earth, come out and take a look.

We also have access to hundreds of colours in Engineered stone

( Quartz )


We ask that you do not rush us. Many of these materials require extra time to fabricate and trying to speed up the process will only result in sub-standard quality and that is not what you are paying for.

We realize that schedules are important and we do work towards keeping a tight schedule but not all projects can be completed within a dedicated time frame due to material type and size of project. It is simply not possible to complete a project in an exotic natural stone with pattern and colour  variations as it would be in a consistent pattern or Quartz product,

Also please do not book your other trades such as plumbers for final connections until you receive a confirmed installation date from us.


At Stone Trends Marble & Granite Ltd. it is our ambition to produce the best quality natural stone and quartz ( engineered stone ) counter tops available. This all starts with purchasing #1 choice slabs that are from the same block and book matched as well as bonafide engineered slab manufacturers. If you thought all slab producers and fabricators were created equal then please talk to us first before having your countertops made. Remember, there is a difference between custom and commercial  work.

Many small shops do not have the inventory and or equipment to be custom fabricators and some of our competitors are strictly high production( commercial ) and do not pay attention to the little details that sets us apart.


Have you seen the slabs you will be getting or a generic picture or sample? many shops do not have inventory for you to view. We have hundreds of slabs in our inventory.

Note: Stone is a product of nature, depending on the stone slabs you select many of these materials will have pitting, inclusions, colour variations and fissures seen and often unseen which can shift during fabrication. These are not considered defects.

When certain fissures are identified additional fibre glass rods are embedded into the stone for added strength and integrity.


Come and talk to us, we will tell you exactly what we do and how we will do it and if needed you will be allowed into our fabrication plant and talk to the people that will do your work so you know exactly what you are getting. There is no other way.




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