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 As a customer purchasing a natural stone counter top from us it is important to understand the limitations of the product and what we will and will not warranty. Natural Stone & Quartz


 Natural stone is a product of nature and has inherent features such as fissures, pits, colour or vein inclusions / variations which are not considered defects and depending on mineral content different degrees of porosity.

We are not manufactures of slabs only fabricators and are therefore not responsible for discrepancies within a slab and any variations regarding thickness variations.

We do have strict standards regarding our purchase of slabs and purchase only first choice slabs, this is the first step in ensuring quality.


Warranty items:

  1. Seam separation due to epoxy failure. ( Lifetime )
  2. Undermount sink, should it separate from stone. ( lifetime )

Non warranty items:

  1. Seam separation due to excessive weight on counter i.e, standing on counter, structural movement.
  2. Chips, scratches, cracks that occurs after signed off finish installation.         
  3. Etching due to using acid base cleaners. ( Warm water and a mild dish soap is all that is needed ) or proper    stone cleaner ( Recommended )commercial grade cleaners will break down sealers. Never use oven cleaners on natural stone.
  4. Stains. Sealers are applied by us and is only to help repel water and non acidic items. Sealers do not protect against acidic items. Fruit juices, vinegar, colas, coffee are typical acidic food stuffs. Acidic products should not be used on Marble countertops that are polished, if marble is your choice of counter top we recommend having it HONED. Granite is very resistant to acid depending on the slab you select, some slabs may contain minerals that are sensitive to acid.
  5. Be very cautious about shops that sell lifetime sealers and staining warranties.
  6. All non warranty items are billed should you require us to come and assess and repair. There is a minimum 75.00 dollar charge and 75.00 dollars per hour thereafter. Please understand that Stone Trends Marble & Granite Ltd. Has no control with what customers do with or on their counter tops after installation.

Additional services:

Stone Trends also offers cleaning and resealing if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, ask our office for rates.

Please refer to either www.HanStoneUSA.com, www.caesarstone.com , www.silestone.com

   For warranty information regarding those products.

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